Non-Invasive Leak Detection Services

ASAP Repipe Pros provides non-invasive water leak detection services to all of Maricopa County to find your most complex water leaks. Our technicians are specially trained to locate the toughest leaks with minimal damage to property. Our decades of experience in slab leaks, pin-hole leaks, and other plumbing leaks combined with our top-of-the-line electronic and acoustic leak location equipment results in locating a challenging leak much faster than our competition, therefore saving you time, money, and damage to your property. If you have high water bills, warm spots on the walls, or flooring give us a call for a free in-home estimate. Remember, our leak detection service is always free when you hire us for the repairs

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We Can Find Pin Hole Water Leaks

Leak Detection

Undetected pinhole leaks are some of the most damaging plumbing problems you can have in your Arizona home. The impacts are so little at first that you won’t notice anything wrong, but with time the damage will be substantial enough to warrant a pinhole leak detection service in Maricopa County.

Pinhole leaks can wreak havoc with your flooring, your property foundation, and also its structural stability. But exactly how do these form, and what’s the most effective remedy if you find yourself with one?

Pinhole Leak Formation

Copper pipes are notorious for forming pinhole leaks over time. Aside from that, pinhole leaks mostly originate from a poorly fitted backfill or a shabby piping installation. Most properties have their distribution piping network placed beneath the slabs of their residential or commercial property.

The cold and hot pipes are done without any fitting, which indicates they are looped onto the various parts of the home. Over time, pinholes can develop and make unusual whistling or humming noises as the pipe is being utilized. A major pipe breakdown is also one cause of pinhole leaks.

Oxidation, ground settling, and inadequate workmanship are other probable reasons. Pinhole leakages can appear to be minor, but they do a lot of damage to your pipelines and property if left unchecked.

Professional Leak Detection Services In Arizona

Leak detection services are a unique section in the plumbing industry, but also an important first step in water leak repair. It’s a discovery process that service technicians, contractors, and plumbers have started using because it works so well in detecting leaks and finding the source in a short period of time.

The leaky pipe may be deep below ground, in the walls, in ceilings, or in the floorboards below. It can be a quite problematic procedure that requires a great deal of excavating and trial and error. But our pinhole leak detection solutions are different.

Our company uses the most up-to-date leak detection equipment and trenchless technology in order to locate pinhole leaks that traditional methods can not. For one, our professional plumbing technicians can determine which part of your property has a higher moisture content than other areas, which indicates a possible leak. After that, a high-resolution camera is attached to a versatile fiber optic line to locate the precise location and cause of the issue in the piping system.

The entire repair process begins when the pinhole leak is discovered. In cases of slab leaks, we can provide an estimate for a reasonable cost if you want to repair the pipe or have the flow re-routed somewhere else.

Our high-resolution video camera can also record videos need to you need a reference for future plumbing problems and structural issues. Our experience and skill make us the very best pinhole leak detection company in the Phoenix area. We can stop leaks before they turn into a significant headache for you and your household. This way, you’ll save money and time, and your furniture, walls, flooring, and ceiling will be saved as well.

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The Types Of Water Leaks We Can Find

Locating water leaks can be challenging. That’s why you need a professional leak detection company to help you locate the most difficult water leaks. Whether it is a broken water supply line in a concrete slab, a leaking water service line below your yard, or a pinhole water leak in polybutylene plumbing pipes, we can help you find it! Here are the most common types of water leaks our team detects on a regular basis:

  • Pinhole water leaks in polybutylene plumbing pipes
  • Leaking water main service line buried below the ground
  • Water lines leaking in the concrete slab (slab leaks)
  • Hidden water leaks behind walls and in ceilings
  • Appliance leaks

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Our customers are loyal to us because they know we provide efficient, prompt, and reliable repipe, plumbing & drain services at the most competitive pricing.


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  • Kathleen OwingsKathleen Owings

    ASAP Plumbing just finished our whole house re-pipe, replacing the original polybutylene with PEX. The work was started and completed on time for a reasonable cost. The necessary cuts in the walls were kept to a minimum. They made sure everything was working properly. They were pleasant during the work, and respectful and careful with our belongings and pets. Completely satisfied. We will definitely call them for any future plumbing or ac needs.

  • Buddy RamosBuddy Ramos

    ASAP Repipe Pros Re-Piped our entire house. The repipe plumbers, Jordan and Nina were outstanding. They exceeded all my expectations. Always on time, courteous, professional and very good at their craft. They did an excellent job! Actually everyone at ASAP Repipe Pros was good to work with. I highly recommend.

  • Gary GilliamGary Gilliam

    ASAP Plumbing recently replaced all of the pipes in my home. They responded quickly to my request for help with a water leak. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and went out of their way to be helpful. Their estimate for the work was over $1000 less than that of another company, and they installed a new hot water heater for free. They also helped me find competent people to help with the associated electrical and drywall repairs. I am extremely happy with their service.