We use ZURN PEX-B Expansion System

A superior expansion PEX system from a trusted manufacturer.

Pex Repipe

Zurn offers a complete line of complementary PEX products and design assist services, all with a warranty from the factory. With the addition of Zurn Expansion PEX, we introduce a total PEX solution.

Advantages of type B PEX

Silane method Zurn PEX has significantly higher levels of antioxidants compared to other methods of cross-linking. Type b PEX processes can tolerate additives which allow Zurn to incorporate stabilizers in their formulations that improve the thermal, chlorine, and UV resistance values of the tubing. Additionally, the silane method permits the linking of up to four molecules at any given cross-linking site, which contributes to the superior mechanical strength and dimensional stability of Zurn PEX tubing.

In addition to being a leader in the plumbing industry for more than 100 years, Zurn has been a pioneer in the flexible tubing industry for over three decades. With billions of feet of tubing in service worldwide, Zurn PEX tubing has proven to be reliable and worry free.

Durability of PEX-B Pipes

Compared to copper and galvanized steel pipes, which tend to corrode, rust, and accumulate mineral deposits due to exposure to water for prolonged periods of time, PEX-B provides resistance to rust, corrosion, scale buildup, and other damage that water may cause. As a result, PEX-B piping prevents problems like discolored water, metallic taste, noisy pipes, low water pressure, and burst pipes.

If you’re unsure about choosing PEX-B for your piping or repiping project, our experienced professionals can help you assess whether this material is the right option for the unique requirements of your plumbing system. If you have any questions about PEX-B piping, contact us today!


One of the benefits of Repiping with PEX is to Increase Water Pressure and Volume. To learn more about PEX repiping or if you want to schedule an inspection, give us a call today. Integrity Repipe will explain and guide you through their process of water pipe replacement with PEX.

Home Repiping with Zurn PEX

Zurn PEX specializes in cross linked polyethylene tubing for use in plumbing, radiant heating, snow melt applications, and more. Choose Zurn PEX for a reliable, recognized manufacturer to supply your entire installation.

Ease of Installation

• Flexible tubing is easier to install and requires up to 90% less fittings compared to copper, galvanized and cpvc materials, reducing labor and potential for leaks.

• Installation of PEX tubing with the Zurn expansion system reduces labor and installation time, also reduces the need for multiple soldering or hazardous chemicals.

Resists Corrosion and Mineral Build Up
Zurn PEX tubing is corrosion resistant, extending the life of your system, versus copper which can corrode and collect mineral build up.

Freeze Resistant
PEX systems expand during freezing and resist damage where copper and CPVC systems will burst, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Safe, Clean, and Healthy
Zurn PEX tube is certified to NSF 61 for safe use with potable water. Zurn PEX tubing is free of heavy metals such as lead, and is free of BPA to ensure the highest quality.

Quiet Operation
Zurn PEX tubing does not amplify sound and expands to absorb the effects of water hammer, resulting in a system that is quiet during operation.

Energy Efficient
Zurn PEX tubing has a higher thermal resistance than copper and CPVC, allowing hot water lines to stay hotter longer.

Proven and Reliable Expansion Installation Method
Expansion systems are full strength upon installation, provide 360 degree uniform pressure, and deliver more flow than required by fixture demand.

25-Year Warranty
Zurn, a leader in the plumbing industry for over 115 years, backs the Zurn PEX plumbing system with an industry leading 25-year warranty.