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ASAP Repipe Pros has pioneered innovative methods to complete repipe projects in a timely and cost-effective way. In fact, most single-family homes are completed in one day with minimal disruption. We stand behind our work and only use the highest quality PEX products available. Our experts will provide a step-by-step explanation of the product & work to be performed.

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Say Goodbye to Old, Leaky Pipes

ASAP Repipe Pros Provide Professional Residential Repipe Solutions from Start to Finish

When it comes to repiping, you need a team of professionals who can provide you with reliable solutions. At ASAP Repipe Pros, we offer comprehensive repipe services from start to finish.

Polybutylene Pipes

Polybutylene Pipes

Used in as many as 10 million properties from 1978 to 1996, and discontinued after a huge class-action settlement, polybutylene is a gray plastic pipe that weakens in the presence of common water additives such as chlorine. Polybutylene pipes have a tendency to break down unexpectedly, often resulting in catastrophic flooding and damage.

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes

Commonly used in drain, waste & vent (DWV) systems, cast iron fails under prolonged direct exposure to the harsh gasses as well as effluent associated with these systems. Cast-iron systems are susceptible to major blockages and in some cases complete structural failure, leading to potentially severe health consequences.

cpvc pipes


As CPVC ages it gets increasingly more brittle and susceptible
to the elements. Even just direct exposure to sunlight can cause CPVC to degrade. CPVC is more likely to break in freezing temperatures too. CPVC also releases toxic fumes when burned and can present serious risks in case of house fires. Pex is the preferred upgrade to CPVC as it lasts longer, is stronger, and is more flexible and easy to work with.

galvanized steel pipes

Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel is steel covered with zinc, which protects against corrosive elements from getting to the pipe’s structural steel. With time, the zinc can be leached away by water, leaving the steel exposed, leading to pipe deterioration and frequent pinhole leaks. Tuberculation that causes poor-tasting, rust-colored water is a common sign of underlying issues. This was one of the most preferred supply piping materials and is found extensively across the nation.

copper pipes

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes can be degraded by a wide variety of sources– water that’s far too acidic, too alkaline, contains too much-dissolved oxygen or salt, and more. These corroded copper pipes can sprout several pinhole leaks and have been known to stop working in less than 10 years in some parts of the country.

ASAP Repipe Pros Offer Financing For All Your Repipe Needs

Are you concerned about what it would cost to repipe? Give us a call & ask one of our professionals and learn more. Don’t let cost hold you back, we offer a number of financing options to help you.

asap repipe pros financing

Don’t Delay. Repipe Today!

Our Repipe Pros can quickly access & provide you with a free quote and competitive price. We provide premium materials such as PEX Piping, that’s backed up by our lifetime warranty. Our Repipes are completed in a timely manner with minimal disruption to you.

Avoid a Home Catastrophe & Invest in Your Home’s Future With Repiping

Common plumbing issues , such as slab leaks , polybutylene or even CPVC can cause costly water damage. Repiping your home can give you peace of mind & a long-term solution. 

Water Main Replacement

Faulty pipes

Leaking or outdated pipes can cause costly repairs and flooding.

ASAP Repipe Pros water pressure testing

Low water pressure

Reduced water pressure is frustrating and a sign that repiping is necessary.

ASAP Repipe Pros leak detection services

Frequent leaks

Constant leaks can cause costly water damage and repairs.

Trenchless Water Main Repair

Reduced water flow

Deteriorating pipes can reduce water flow, making daily tasks difficult.

ASAP Repipe Pros

Property damage

Faulty plumbing can lead to water damage and costly repairs to a home.

ASAP Repipe Pros Trenchless Water Main Repair

Health and safety concerns

Repiping reduces contaminants and can improve safety.

Reduced property value

Faulty plumbing decreases a home’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

Increased energy costs

Faulty plumbing can cause water to be wasted, leading to higher energy bills.

Trenchless Water Main Repair

Poor water quality

Deteriorating pipes affect water quality and can even affect your health.

The Benefits Of PEX Repiping

You might not even know what’s lurking behind your walls and the damage that your old pipes can cause your home. Here are some of the important benefits you will get from replacing your old galvanized steel pipes with new and improved PEX pipes:

  • Resistant to Freezing and Bursting
  • Able to Hold Temperature
  • It is Resistant to Corrosion  
  • Resistant to Buildup
  • It is Energy Efficient
  • It is Affordable
  • It is Long Lasting

ASAP Repipe Pros Recent Projects

Whole House Re-Pipe in Phoenix, Arizona


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Residential Re-Pipe in Phoenix, Arizona


Give Us a Call & Schedule a FREE Consultation. 

Getting your home repiped is a smart investment. Protecting your home from potential costly repairs & in some cases water damage & common plumbing issues.

Recent Customer Reviews

Ryan GRyan G

ASAP completed a repiping of my entire house. They were by far the most affordable and had it completed in a timely fashion. Solomon went above and beyond in answering questions and completing the job. In fact, after the job I had what I thought was an issue with a moving pipe. It turned out to be a faulty shower valve. Solomon fixed it anyways free of charge despite the issue not being caused by any work completed by ASAP. I highly recommend ASAP and would use them again!

Emily OhdeEmily Ohde

We had a great experience with ASAP. Mike assessed our new home and was able to explain and discuss our needs. We were also able to schedule quickly. The quote was lower than our others with a lifetime warranty. Jordan and Nina did an amazing job on our complete repipe and water heater installation. They punctual, efficient, and professional.

Dylan DiasDylan Dias

We had an unexpected and disheartening slab leak three days after we took possession of our 2007-built home in Chandler. We barely knew what a slab leak was and called multiple plumbers to get educated/decide what to do.

ASAP Repipe stood out from the rest for a few reasons:
1. Prompt - Mike was out there in no time
2. Knowledgeable - they knew exactly what the remediation approach was, especially for the island sink which had others slightly confused
3. Fairly priced - while not the lowest bid, the combination of various aspects made them the best value and #1 choice.

Mike worked with us to set a project start date in a few days after we accepted the contract.

The 2-person job site team … Jordan and Nina were awesome. They arrived on time, communicated well, and did GREAT WORK. They were cheerful and confident and met the stated 3-day deadline.

The city inspector passed the job in the first go around.

All in all, I'm very pleased with ASAP Repipe (and I'm known to be demanding). I HIGHLY recommend this business if you're in the market for their published services.

Jeff WagnerJeff Wagner

My first call for plumbing issues will now always be ASAP. Had a huge outdoor sewer line replacement and ASAP was the best quote. Worked with Jesse and he was very professional and explained things really clearly. Everyone I spoke with from the on-site team to the folks in the office that I spoke with on the phone were friendly and professional. I wish every company I did business with were like ASAP. Thank you.

Jeff W

Nancy FordNancy Ford

Ceiling start leaking. Galvanized piping, house built in 1947 I. After calling another company, I wanted a second opinion. I called ASAP and spoke with Michael and he listened to all my concerns. He didn’t waste any time trying to take care of the problem. Also gave me a reasonable price. In these days we need all the help we can get. My home needed to be re-piped, the entire house. The price was affordable much cheaper than the other company’s. Who try to rip people off. Solomon who did the re-piping for use was very conscientious in his work. I was very impressed with the high-quality work that was done in my home. I highly recommend ASAP for all your plumbing needs. Everything they said they would do they did and more. I am a Christian woman and the reason I’m leaving this feedback is so others can experience ASAP for all your plumbing needs. Very affordable company. Also I got a lifetime warranty on my re- piping, which is great. That really gives me a peace of mine. Thank you ASAP.


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