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Multi-family communities are a few of the most difficult types of buildings to maintain. With hundreds or hundreds of homeowners with varied ages, backgrounds as well as monetary situations, they all have separate expectations of what an accommodating, satisfying, and secure living environment is. For most residents, avoiding aggravations is key. Research reveals that the most common resident complaints include blocked drains, pipe leaks, and also a general deficiency of preventative maintenance.

Multi-family property managers and condo HOA board members can easily get rid of these common issues and repair and maintenance demands, all while boosting the market value of the property and putting the residents at ease. Repiping your multi-family property not only adds resale value to the building but also lowers your operating costs and increases your total NOI. Learn more about how repiping can increase your property’s value by contacting our team of multi-family repipe specialists today!

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How Multi-Family Repiping Can Increase Your Property’s Value

There are several ways that repiping your apartment complex, apartment building, or multi-family will add value to the property. If you have a water leak, slab leak, or water main break, then you are forced to repipe the broken line. However, if you have older plumbing pipes, it could benefit you handsomely by repiping the entire building. Here’s how:

  • Increased Cap Rates: Repiping your property will reduce plumbing costs. Because your new plumbing pipes will lead to fewer leaks and clogs, you can lower your operating expenses, increase your NOI, and increase the cap rate of the property.
  • Improved Resale Value: Increasing your property’s cap rate is always a good thing. And with that comes higher resale value. Although we cannot guarantee a one-to-one return on the cost of your repiping projects, fewer plumbing problems can pay off in the long run.
  • Happier Tenants: When your building has fewer water leaks and plumbing problems, your tenants will most certainly be happier. If they do not need to interrupt their lives or business because of a plumbing leak, you can count on longer-term tenants and stability.

A Good Option For Multi-Family Properties: Pipe-lining Technology

Blown-in-place pipe-lining technology was offered in the USA in the 1980s as a valuable alternative to a traditional repipe– otherwise known as a pipe replacement. This conventional method of repair is still utilized today, although it has actually proved itself ineffective. The repiping process includes digging up floors, hardscape as well as landscape, tearing open walls, and ripping apart ceilings in order to gain access to the pipes and replace them. Not only is this method extremely wasteful, but it is also extremely time-consuming, costly, and therefore disruptive to residents living or working on the property that is commonly uninhabitable during the work. Due to these considerable drawbacks, an increasing number of building management professionals are selecting pipelining over repiping.

Blown-in-place pipe lining, a particular kind of in-place pipe-lining innovation, recovers and preserves pressurized pipe systems, including drinking water mains and pipes, HVAC pipes, fire sprinkler systems, pool pipes, decorative water fountain pipes, and natural gas systems. This process helps prevent resident relocation, along with unpleasant and upsetting destruction.

How Blown-In-Place Pipe Lining Works

There are several companies in the USA and the international business community that use their own patented blown-in-place pipe lining technology, however, they observe some basic common actions:

  • Hoses are connected to the pressurized pipe system’s existing access points. Preheated, filtered air is pushed throughout the segregated system to dry it.
  • Next, an air and sand mixture is forced throughout the pipes to clean up the interior surface area of the pipes and prepare them for the right bonding of the epoxy coating that is to follow.
  • Liquid epoxy is driven through the pipes using compressed air until the pipes’ interiors are completely coated with a layer of epoxy. The epoxy cures and then the protective epoxy coating is left inside the pipes.

This process has lots of benefits that greatly benefit multi-unit residential buildings, prompting a growing number of property managers and HOA boards to choose this type of technology to rehabilitate their property’s pipes or prevent leaks from occurring.

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