Water Leak Solutions

Water leaks, especially hidden water leaks, can be difficult to detect and can be very costly in the long run. When you have a water leak, it’s important to first identify the exact location of the leak and the cause of the water leak. Next, a repiping plumber can help you to repair the leaking water line or repiping the line altogether. At ASAP Repipe Pros, our team of water leak detection and repair experts has been repairing water leaks for decades. Learn more about our water leak repair and detection solutions below.

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Why Our Customers Choose Us For Water Leak Repair:

Where And When Do Water Leaks Happen?

Water leaks can happen in any plumbing pipe carrying water. Whether it is a water main service line bringing water into your home, a water supply line taking water to bathrooms and washing machine rooms, or an appliance water line, a water leak is no fun. And, repairing your water leak is important to prevent water damage to your home, mold growth, and costly plumbing repairs in the future. Here are some of the top places we see water leaks happen in our customers’ Phoenix Valley homes:

  • Polybutylene Plumbing Pipes: One of the biggest culprits of water leaks in Phoenix is polybutylene. This plumbing material was used heavily from 1970 through the 1990s as the “go-to” water line in Phoenix area homes. However, polybutylene plumbing pipes are notorious for developing pinhole water leaks and causing serious water damage behind walls and ceilings. If you have polybutylene plumbing pipes, then you should consider a whole-house repiping project right away to avoid costly water damage.
  • Copper Water Supply Lines: Another place we often see water leaks in Phoenix homes is with the copper water supply lines that deliver water throughout the home. Although copper is a very durable plumbing material, it can fail over time and create water leaks. A simple and cost-effective way to deal with a copper pipe leak is by repiping with PEX.
  • Water Main Service Lines: Another common water leak location is in the water main service line. This is the water line that is connected to the public water main and brings water directly into your home. When this breaks, cracks, or leaks, it can create a nightmare situation. We offer water main repair and repiping services in Phoenix to help our customers with broken or cracked water mains.

The Common Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Hidden water leaks can be a nightmare! When you have a pipe leaking behind a wall, in your ceiling, or below your home’s foundation, it can cause serious damage when ignored. It’s always best to look out for the common signs of a water leak, especially if it is not obvious. This will allow you time to call a plumber and address the issue before it gets out of hand.

At ASAP Repipe Pros our team has decades of experience detecting hidden water leaks and getting them repaired. In fact, we even put together this checklist to help our customers determine if they have a hidden water leak in their homes.

Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

  • You hear water running when all faucets are shut off.
  • You notice sudden spikes in your water bill.
  • You see noticeable signs of mold growth on walls or floorboards.
  • Your drywall is wet or you see water damage on the ceiling.
  • You have polybutylene plumbing pipes in your house.
  • Your water meter spins even when all the water is off.

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Water Leak Detection

Water leak detection is a process in which a plumber uses sophisticated water leak detection equipment in order to properly locate a hidden water leak. Many times water leaks happen underground, inside concrete slabs, or behind walls, and finding them can be challenging. In the old days, plumbers used their keen senses to locate water leaks, but today with modern technology, we can pinpoint the exact location of a leak and then go and repair the pipe. This saves us time and our customers money. Here are the three different types of water leak detection technologies:

  • Acoustic Leak Detection: This method relies on the sound generated by escaping water from a leak. Sensitive microphones or ground microphones are placed along the pipeline or at specific points (such as valves or hydrants) to listen for the noise produced by the leak. The sound data is then analyzed to determine the location and size of the leak. Acoustic leak detection is a popular method due to its non-invasive nature and cost-effectiveness.
  • Infrared Thermography: Infrared thermography uses thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature differences on the surface of the ground, walls, or other surfaces where water pipes are located. Since water leaks can cause changes in temperature, this technology can help identify the presence of a leak. Infrared thermography is particularly useful for detecting leaks in areas that are difficult to access or hidden behind walls, floors, or ceilings.
  • Tracer Leak Detection: This method involves injecting a non-toxic, non-reactive tracer gas (such as helium or hydrogen) into the water supply system. The gas then escapes through any leaks present and can be detected using specialized gas sensors placed along the pipeline or at specific points. This technique is highly accurate and effective, particularly for locating small or difficult-to-find leaks.

How We Find And Repair Water Leaks In The Phoenix Valley

Locating and fixing water leaks can be challenging. Water leaks can occur anywhere there are water lines including under your front yard in the main water service line, behind your walls in water supply lines, in your concrete slab foundation, or at the plumbing fixture. We are experts at locating water leaks and repairing water leaks in Phoenix. Many times, repairing a water leak requires repiping the water line. This is where our repiping experts come into play. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing a piece of pipe, and other times we need to completely reroute the plumbing water lines. Here is how we repair water leaks:

Find The Leak!

First, our team will use sophisticated water leak detection technology to locate the exact point of your water leak. Since some water leaks can be difficult to locate, it’s important to use the right tools in order to be accurate. Our team is experts at locating hard-to-find water leaks without having to rip up your walls or front yard to do so!

Repair The Pipe

Next, our team will repair the cracked or leaking pipe no matter where it is located. This process involved either replacing a section of the broken pipe or rerouting the pipe. Sometimes when water leaks happen in your concrete slab, a plumber will want to dig up the slab to replace the pipe. Pipe rerouting is a more cost-effective option where we can reroute the new water lines above the slab.

Test The New Pipe

Finally, our team of waterleak repair experts will test the new pipe to ensure success. Whether we repiped a section of broken piping or rerouted your water supply lines above your slab and through your attic, we will ensure that the leak is fixed and your new plumbing pipes are working properly!

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Do Not Allow A Slab Leak Destroy Your Finances!

A slab or pinhole leak is a significant problem issue that requires a fast, permanent resolution before it drains your bank account. If you believe you might have a slab leak, call us for a free in-home estimate today!

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  • Kathleen OwingsKathleen Owings

    ASAP Plumbing just finished our whole house re-pipe, replacing the original polybutylene with PEX. The work was started and completed on time for a reasonable cost. The necessary cuts in the walls were kept to a minimum. They made sure everything was working properly. They were pleasant during the work, and respectful and careful with our belongings and pets. Completely satisfied. We will definitely call them for any future plumbing or ac needs.

  • Buddy RamosBuddy Ramos

    ASAP Repipe Pros Re-Piped our entire house. The repipe plumbers, Jordan and Nina were outstanding. They exceeded all my expectations. Always on time, courteous, professional and very good at their craft. They did an excellent job! Actually everyone at ASAP Repipe Pros was good to work with. I highly recommend.

  • Gary GilliamGary Gilliam

    ASAP Plumbing recently replaced all of the pipes in my home. They responded quickly to my request for help with a water leak. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and went out of their way to be helpful. Their estimate for the work was over $1000 less than that of another company, and they installed a new hot water heater for free. They also helped me find competent people to help with the associated electrical and drywall repairs. I am extremely happy with their service.