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Plumbing leaks, low water pressure, and rusty water; such problems only worsen with time. Especially for homes built over 20 years ago. Rust and corroded sediment can restrict water flow and cause leaks at the joints, which can lead to mold and rot inside the walls of your house

If you own a home that has had slab leaks or uses PVC, galvanized steel, or polybutylene pipes then it’s probably time for a repipe to push problems back decades away.

PEX tubing can be found in many homes across the country, and it’s quickly becoming the go-to choice for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their plumbing systems. If you’re having plumbing problems, or your pipes are a bit outdated, PEX repiping could be the solution! ASAP repipe pros stand behind their work with a lifetime guarantee, the fastest turnaround time, and affordable pricing.

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What is PEX?

Invented in 1968, PEX has been in use worldwide for over 40 years.  It’s a flexible and highly durable high-density plastic.

What does “PEX” stand for?  Polyethylene (PE) whose molecules are cross-linked (X) for extra strength and longevity.  So it’s a man-made plastic product, much like PVC (polyvinyl chloride). 

Why is PEX Better?

Many plumbing systems may have CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) tubing, but PEX piping is more flexible than CPVC.  And it doesn’t require glue or solvents to install so there’s no possibility of contamination.  PEX will also resist corrosion and doesn’t allow mineral buildup like old galvanized pipes often do.

PEX also comes in longer lengths.  It comes on a roll and is made in both red and blue options, making it easy to recognize hot and cold water lines during installation and repairs.  With fewer fittings and lower installation labor, it’s a much better choice for remodeling and repiping projects.

Is PEX Repiping Really Better than Copper?

Copper plumbing has long been the “gold standard” for premium homes. But PEX offers several advantages over copper, above and beyond significant cost savings.

  • Lower grades of the copper pipe are prone to pinhole leaks, especially when run through concrete or alkali soil. 
  • With PEX there’s absolutely no lead used anywhere in the system. 
  • It’s the most freeze-resistant of all pipe materials. 
  • It’s quiet, with reduced flow noise and reduced water hammer banging. 
  • PEX pipes lose heat much slower than copper or other metal pipes. 

Partial Repipe

Don’t need to repipe your whole house?  If you already have some copper piping in your home, it’s fairly easy to attach PEX tubing to the existing plumbing. There are T-fittings and adapters that can be used to seamlessly attach a piece of PEX to the copper pipe. Our plumbers will always make sure that each fitting is secure and that there’s no chance of a leak


Most home re-pipes take us only a single day.  Our experience means seamless installation and permanent results with a lifetime guarantee.  PEX quality varies so we use only the highest quality materials and manufacturers, including fittings that are up to 4 times as secure as those commonly used.  And our well-trained and experienced team plus hands-on management assures top-quality workmanship.  And our rates are very affordable.


  • Gary GilliamGary Gilliam

    ASAP Plumbing recently replaced all of the pipes in my home. They responded quickly to my request for help with a water leak. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and went out of their way to be helpful. Their estimate for the work was over $1000 less than that of another company, and they installed a new hot water heater for free. They also helped me find competent people to help with the associated electrical and drywall repairs. I am extremely happy with their service.

  • Kathleen OwingsKathleen Owings

    ASAP Plumbing just finished our whole house re-pipe, replacing the original polybutylene with PEX. The work was started and completed on time for a reasonable cost. The necessary cuts in the walls were kept to a minimum. They made sure everything was working properly. They were pleasant during the work, and respectful and careful with our belongings and pets. Completely satisfied. We will definitely call them for any future plumbing or ac needs.

  • Buddy RamosBuddy Ramos

    ASAP Repipe Pros Re-Piped our entire house. The repipe plumbers, Jordan and Nina were outstanding. They exceeded all my expectations. Always on time, courteous, professional and very good at their craft. They did an excellent job! Actually everyone at ASAP Repipe Pros was good to work with. I highly recommend.