Hydro Jetting & Pipe Descaling Service

Leaky pipes and other plumbing problems caused by worn-out piping during business hours can cost you money. Fortunately, you can always rely on ASAP REPIPE PROS for faster, and better commercial repiping of your entire property. We specialize in a wide range of services cpvc and including galvanized pipe replacement, trenchless repiping, and PEX repiping. Let us help you solve and prevent some of the worst pipe issues such as rust-colored water, drop in water pressure, and flooding in your place of business.

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

A hydro jetting machine, like the one in the picture, is used to clear pipes and sewer lines of debris, clogs, and pipe scale. A hydro jetter has a nozzle attached to a long drain snake. When turned on, the jetter sprays high-pressure water through the hose and the nozzle and helps to clear serious debris from your plumbing pipes. In fact, some of these machines can even spray water up to 5,000 psi! As the water comes out of the nozzle, it propels itself by forcing the hose deeper into the plumbing pipe.

Hydro jetters are great for:

  • Cutting and clearing tree roots from sewer lines
  • Clearing tough drain clogs
  • Regular commercial drain pipe cleaning
  • Descaling buildup from the insides of pipes
  • Keeping your plumbing system working properly
Hydro Jetting & Pipe Descaling

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What Is Pipe Descaling & How Does It Work?

Hydro Jetting & Pipe Descaling

Pipe scale, also known as mineral deposits or limescale, is a buildup of minerals and other substances that can form inside plumbing pipes over time. It primarily consists of calcium buildup which is often found in hard water. If you have pipe scale on the inside of your plumbing pipes, it can lead to pipe failure, poor water quality, and leaky pipes. The process of descaling involves using a hydro jetting machine to clear mineral buildup from the pipe.

Here are some of the top benefits of a pipe descaling service:

  • Improve Water Flow: Pipe scale will decrease the water flow in your pipes and can even lead to low water pressure. Getting a pipe descaling service will improve water flow and efficiency.
  • Increase Energy Efficiency: Removing pipe scale will also allow your water heater to operate more efficiently. Pipe scale can cause your water heater to have to work harder to heat water and can cost you more money in energy bills.
  • Remove Corrosion: Pipe scale leads to the corrosion of plumbing and drain pipes which can be very costly over time. Pipe corrosion can cause a pipe to crack, break, and leak. Removing the scale buildup will reduce corrosion in your plumbing system
  • Improve The Lifespan Of Your Plumbing System: Finally, a pipe descaling service will help to prolong the lifespan of your plumbing system and even your plumbing appliances. Since pipe scale can cause pipe corrosion, pipe failure, damage plumbing appliances, and lead to leaks, removing the scale will help you overall.

Can Hydro Jetting Really Clear Tree Roots From Sewer Lines?

Yes! When tree roots infiltrate a sewer pipe, they will clog the line over time and cause sewage backups and other issues. Many plumbers default to replacing a clogged sewer line with a new pipe; however, using a hydro jetting machine to clear the line is the more economical option! Hydro jetters spray water at 3,000+ psi through sewer lines and can even cut through tree roots in the line. Some of the reasons to consider using a hydro jetter on your clogged sewer line are as follows:

  • Save money on sewer line replacement costs
  • Cut through and clear tree roots from the line
  • Leave your sewer pipe clear of debris and working like it’s new!

If you have a clogged sewer line and need an evaluation, contact us today! We have high-powered jetting machines ready to clear your toughest sewer clogs!

Hydro Jetting & Pipe Descaling



At the REPIPE PROS, our word still matters and a simple handshake is our bond. Your repipe, plumbing or drain job is not finished until you are 100% satisfied.


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Our customers are loyal to us because they know we provide efficient, prompt, and reliable repipe, plumbing & drain services at the most competitive pricing.


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Avoid a Home Catastrophe & Invest in Your Home’s Future With Repiping

Common plumbing issues , such as slab leaks , polybutylene or even CPVC can cause costly water damage. Repiping your home can give you peace of mind & a long-term solution. 

Water Main Replacement

Faulty pipes

Leaking or outdated pipes can cause costly repairs and flooding.

ASAP Repipe Pros water pressure testing

Low water pressure

Reduced water pressure is frustrating and a sign that repiping is necessary.

ASAP Repipe Pros leak detection services

Frequent leaks

Constant leaks can cause costly water damage and repairs.

Trenchless Water Main Repair

Reduced water flow

Deteriorating pipes can reduce water flow, making daily tasks difficult.

ASAP Repipe Pros

Property damage

Faulty plumbing can lead to water damage and costly repairs to a home.

ASAP Repipe Pros Trenchless Water Main Repair

Health and safety concerns

Repiping reduces contaminants and can improve safety.

Reduced property value

Faulty plumbing decreases a home’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

Increased energy costs

Faulty plumbing can cause water to be wasted, leading to higher energy bills.

Trenchless Water Main Repair

Poor water quality

Deteriorating pipes affect water quality and can even affect your health.


  • Gary GilliamGary Gilliam

    ASAP Plumbing recently replaced all of the pipes in my home. They responded quickly to my request for help with a water leak. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and went out of their way to be helpful. Their estimate for the work was over $1000 less than that of another company, and they installed a new hot water heater for free. They also helped me find competent people to help with the associated electrical and drywall repairs. I am extremely happy with their service.

  • Buddy RamosBuddy Ramos

    ASAP Repipe Pros Re-Piped our entire house. The repipe plumbers, Jordan and Nina were outstanding. They exceeded all my expectations. Always on time, courteous, professional and very good at their craft. They did an excellent job! Actually everyone at ASAP Repipe Pros was good to work with. I highly recommend.

  • Kathleen OwingsKathleen Owings

    ASAP Plumbing just finished our whole house re-pipe, replacing the original polybutylene with PEX. The work was started and completed on time for a reasonable cost. The necessary cuts in the walls were kept to a minimum. They made sure everything was working properly. They were pleasant during the work, and respectful and careful with our belongings and pets. Completely satisfied. We will definitely call them for any future plumbing or ac needs.

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