Repiping: Everything You Need To Know About Repipe Plumbing

Repiping is the process of replacing old or damaged plumbing pipes in a residential home or commercial building. When plumbing pipes corrode over time they can fail, causing leaks and hazardous situations. These failing or leaking pipes needs to be replaced by a repiping plumber. In the repiping process, the plumber will identify the location of the bad pipe, remove the old pipe, and replace it with a new one. Here are some of the common questions our customers ask about the repiping process:

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What Is Repiping & Why Is It Important?

Repiping is the process of replacing defective or leaking plumbing pipes in a home or a business. In the Phoenix Valley, many homes built in the 1970s through the 1990s were piped using polybutylene. These plumbing pipes have proven to fail over time causing pinhole water leaks and water damage. Repiping polybutylene in your Phoenix Valley home is critical to avoiding serious plumbing catastrophes. Here are some other reasons why repiping is important:

  • Repiping adds resale value to your home
  • Repiping leaky water lines prevents water damage
  • Increases the lifetime of your plumbing system
  • Prevents future plumbing disasters and repairs
  • Allows you to sleep knowing your house is in working order

The Different Types Of Repiping

When it comes to repiping services, there are a variety of different types of repiping projects. Typically, repiping projects are categorized into three areas: residential, commercial, and multi-family. Because there are different types of plumbing pipes and problems in each type of building, how we repipe specific plumbing pipes is important. When a water supply line breaks in your home’s concrete slab, that calls for a different repiping service than when polybutylene pipes are leaking in an older apartment complex building. Click on each category below to explore our specific services.

Residential Repiping Services

We offer single pipe replacement and whole-house residential repiping services.

Commercial Repiping Services

From single retail businesses to large buildings, we offer commercial repipes.

Apartment Repiping Services

We can install or replace plumbing pipes in apartment complexes of multi-family units.


We Offer Same-Day Repiping Services Valley-Wide.

How Can I Tell If My Home Needs To Be Re-Piped?

There are several signs that you need a repipe in your Phoenix Valley home. Please keep in mind that not all of these signs indicate that you need a whole-house repipe. You could simply need a partial repipe or single pipe replacement. Watch out for these common signs, and then contact us for a repiping quote!

  • The Age of Your Plumbing Pipes: The age of your plumbing system is a great indicator as to when and if you need a repipe. Most plumbing systems that are 50+ years old start to break down and need to be replaced.
  • Frequent Water Leaks: If you are constantly experiencing water leaks, then this could be a sign that it’s time to call a repiping plumber.
  • Visible Pipe Corrosion: Pipe corrosion happens when hard water or acidic water eats away at your plumbing pipes. If you have obvious signs of pipe corrosion, then you should think about replacing the pipe.
  • Discoloration Of Water: If you notice that your water is starting to turn brown or brown when you first turn it on, this is an indicator of pipe corrosion and you should replace the pipe.
  • High Water Bills: If you notice an increase in your water bills, this could be a sign of a hidden water leak – like a slab leak!
  • Mold Growth: Mold growth is a common indicator that there is moisture or even a water leak somewhere. If you notice mold growth or signs of water damage, you should contact a plumber that can provide a leak detection service to pinpoint the cause of the mold.

The Common Pipe Materials Used In Repiping

There are many different types of plumbing pipe materials that can be used in pipe installation or repiping projects. And, each type of plumbing pipe typically has a different use and function. Here are some of the more common plumbing pipes and their specific uses:

  • PEX: PEX plumbing pipe, or PEX tubing, has become widely popular over the last few decades. These red and blue tubes are used for water supply lines. PEX repiping is a great alternative to installing copper pipes.
  • Copper: Copper is still very popular for water supply lines due to its corrosion resistance and durability.
  • PVC: PVC pipes are often used for sewer lines as they are lightweight, easy to install, and durable. ABS is becoming a more popular option for sewer lines, although it’s not as durable as PVC.
  • CPVC & Galvanized Steel: Although not recommended by our repiping experts, these pipe materials are often used for both hot and cold water supply lines.

At ASAP Repipe Pros, we are PEX installation and repiping experts. Many of the Phoenix Valley homes we come across with plumbing leaks have polybutylene, CPVC, and galvanized steel pipes. We typically replace those types of pipes with PEX. Learn more about our PEX repiping expertise below…

Residential PEX Repipe Experts

Affordable whole house repipes in 1-2 days. Lifetime Warranty ( Transferable)
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At the REPIPE PROS, our word still matters and a simple handshake is our bond. Your repipe, plumbing or drain job is not finished until you are 100% satisfied.


Our customers are loyal to us because they know we provide efficient, prompt, and reliable recipe, plumbing & drain services at the most competitive pricing.


REPIPE PROS sets the bar for customer satisfaction in our industry. Our REPIPE PROS are dedicated to serving you and the job is not finished until you are happy with our work.


Our prices will be competitive with those you get from other plumbers. At ASPS REPIPE PROS we want to offer you the best deal.


We are always accessible and take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our customers are loyal to us because they know we provide efficient, prompt, and reliable repipe, plumbing & drain services at the most competitive pricing.


We never use subcontracting. We solely work with our in-house team of licensed repipe & plumbing specialists.

How Much Does A Repiping Project Cost?

The cost of a repiping project depends on the specific scope of the repipe. If you are getting a whole-house repipe done, then that is going to cost more than replacing a single leaking water line. The benefits of a repiping project almost always outweigh the costs and allow you to get a return on your investment. Avoiding plumbing catastrophes, low water pressure, property damage, and increased water bills are just a few benefits of repiping a bad or failing plumbing pipe. Copper repiping is always more expensive than PEX repiping due to the cost of the materials. Depending on the size of the home, an average copper whole-house repipe could be north of $20,000.

Our Process

Proper installation is the most important step to ensure a safe, reliable, and efficient system. Following are some of the major steps included in a repiping installation and we have summarized each step.


Repipe Install

After your free in-home estimate, Repipe Experts will schedule your installation at your convenience. Starting where the water comes into the home (or from the meter if a mainline connection is necessary), our repipe specialists will Repipe your home with high-quality Type A PEX piping to every existing fixture. This includes new fixture shut-off valves and supply lines to your existing fixtures.



Repipe Experts insists on Municipal Inspections being compliant with local governing jurisdictions. At no cost to you, we will schedule the municipal inspection to be completed and signed off by local assigned officials.


Drywall Repair

Once the municipal inspection is completed, Repipe Experts will schedule the drywall repair at your convenience. Our Repipe Specialists will repair the holes made in your home. This means, installing new or existing drywall patches, tape and mudding along with close texture match to be paint ready. Often times we can offer painting services as well.

The Benefits Of PEX Repiping

You might not even know what’s lurking behind your walls and the damage that your old pipes can cause your home. Here are some of the important benefits you will get from replacing your old galvanized steel pipes with new and improved PEX pipes:


  • Avoid leaks, corrosion, and low water pressure
  • Color-coded pipes for self-repairs
  • Less expensive than steel and copper
  • More affordable and easier to install
  • Much less likely to burst
  • Resists chlorine and scale
  • Won’t lose heat like copper piping

Say Goodbye to Old, Leaky Pipes

ASAP Repipe Pros Provide Professional Residential Repipe Solutions from Start to Finish

When it comes to repiping, you need a team of professionals who can provide you with reliable solutions. At ASAP Repipe Pros, we offer comprehensive repipe services from start to finish.

Polybutylene Pipes

Polybutylene Pipes

Used in as many as 10 million properties from 1978 to 1996, and discontinued after a huge class-action settlement, polybutylene is a gray plastic pipe that weakens in the presence of common water additives such as chlorine. Polybutylene pipes have a tendency to break down unexpectedly, often resulting in catastrophic flooding and damage.

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes

Commonly used in drain, waste & vent (DWV) systems, cast iron fails under prolonged direct exposure to the harsh gasses as well as effluent associated with these systems. Cast-iron systems are susceptible to major blockages and in some cases complete structural failure, leading to potentially severe health consequences.

cpvc pipes


As CPVC ages it gets increasingly more brittle and susceptible
to the elements. Even just direct exposure to sunlight can cause CPVC to degrade. CPVC is more likely to break in freezing temperatures too. CPVC also releases toxic fumes when burned and can present serious risks in case of house fires. Pex is the preferred upgrade to CPVC as it lasts longer, is stronger, and is more flexible and easy to work with.

galvanized steel pipes

Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel is steel covered with zinc, which protects against corrosive elements from getting to the pipe’s structural steel. With time, the zinc can be leached away by water, leaving the steel exposed, leading to pipe deterioration and frequent pinhole leaks. Tuberculation that causes poor-tasting, rust-colored water is a common sign of underlying issues. This was one of the most preferred supply piping materials and is found extensively across the nation.

copper pipes

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes can be degraded by a wide variety of sources– water that’s far too acidic, too alkaline, contains too much-dissolved oxygen or salt, and more. These corroded copper pipes can sprout several pinhole leaks and have been known to stop working in less than 10 years in some parts of the country.


  • Buddy RamosBuddy Ramos

    ASAP Repipe Pros Re-Piped our entire house. The repipe plumbers, Jordan and Nina were outstanding. They exceeded all my expectations. Always on time, courteous, professional and very good at their craft. They did an excellent job! Actually everyone at ASAP Repipe Pros was good to work with. I highly recommend.

  • Gary GilliamGary Gilliam

    ASAP Plumbing recently replaced all of the pipes in my home. They responded quickly to my request for help with a water leak. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and went out of their way to be helpful. Their estimate for the work was over $1000 less than that of another company, and they installed a new hot water heater for free. They also helped me find competent people to help with the associated electrical and drywall repairs. I am extremely happy with their service.

  • Kathleen OwingsKathleen Owings

    ASAP Plumbing just finished our whole house re-pipe, replacing the original polybutylene with PEX. The work was started and completed on time for a reasonable cost. The necessary cuts in the walls were kept to a minimum. They made sure everything was working properly. They were pleasant during the work, and respectful and careful with our belongings and pets. Completely satisfied. We will definitely call them for any future plumbing or ac needs.